VLANs in Zone Configuration

I have Green, Blue and Orange zones in my home network with VLANs set up for each of them in my network switches.
I wanted to use the zone configuration option now in IPFire to set the VLAN number for these three zones. I did this and saved the result and IPFire then indicated that I needed to reboot to implement this, which I did. However then all three of these zones became non-functioning in my network.
When I logged into IPFire with my laptop and a serial connection I found that the three NICs for Green, Blue and Orange had become unset. I reset them via the setup command and rebooted and everything is now working again with the VLANs set in the zone configuration.

My question is if the unsetting of the NICs was supposed to happen.

  • If yes then before rebooting the NICs should be set again via the setup command and an ssh connection before doing the rebooting. This is not mentioned in the wiki page about setting up the zone configuration.

  • If no then is there any idea why the unset of the NICs happened. I couldn’t find anything in the IPFire system logs to give me a clue.