VLAN with DHCP on Green

Hey there,

I use the native, unbridged config of green without a DHCP server.

I would like to use a VLAN1 with DHCP on green for my Home Office PC where I cannot config the ip-address by myself due to restrictions.

I already tried via the zones tab to config the VLAN1 but how to I have to config a DHCP for this VLAN segment without activate DHCP for the native green? At the moment the PC does not get a ip-address.

Do I have to change also the native green to a VLAN?

Any help is appreciated.

Thx, mike

Native is the name for without VLAN. In you picture you have assigned to eth1 native blue and vlan1 green. so you cannot switch green to native because it is already used by blue.

Thx for your reply, Arne.

Do I have to change the config in this way then so that I can use the running DHCP on blue via green by LAN cable?

thx again

btw: the wiki says

which is the same as my first pic,isn’t it?

You do not.
Assuming you are using 3 zones now. red/green/blue
You could add a 4th zone. Orange. VLAN
Not shure how to add zone. but I would rerun setup install and add zone.
on console type setup
Limit is 4 Zones.
Right now you have 3.
Hope this helps

Thx Shaun,

but I have only 3 nics and so I can’t assign a fourth nic to the DMZ zone.

Any more hints?

You will use the Blue or the Green nic.
RED,Green,Blue all Native nic
Orange Vlan.
You will need a switch Capable of handling vlan taging.
Or it will not work. That is my understanding.

I changed the config to Red-Green-Blue-Orange via setup command, but when you don’t assign a free nic to Orange, it will not appear on the attached config-site (her from the wiki), so that you can change native to vlan etc.



That looks right.
Nic 0=Green
Nic 1=Red ?
Nic 2=blue
Nic 0 vlan 10 =Orange
You will need a smart switch to split vlan from Green
Unless I miss understand vlan config

Thx again.
but as I already wrote, theer is no possibility to set orange as vlan due to the fact that the orange tab does not appear on the website. It always looks like in post #1: green - red - blue. It comes no orange in to the config so that I could change orange to whatever it takes.


So Orange never showed up on the Wui?
That makes it hard to configure.
Did you try a reboot after you added 4th zone?

yes Orange shows never up - even after a reboot there are only the three g-r-b


Sorry for pushing…

No one with the same setup and maybe a solution?

Thx, mike

I was assuming the 4 th zone would show up in the Wui.
Perhaps this is a bug?
They should have all 4 zones in the Wui. even if they are unused.

Thx for your reply, Shaun

Maybe it is indeed a bug but Orange as the 4th zone doesn’t appear in the WUI.