VLAN on Green only

So I have a couple of VM’s setup to test this in proxmox. I have two vm bridges that are setup to be vlan aware.
I setup proxmox to have vmbr1 as my red interface and vmbr2 as my green interface.

What I want is for the green interface to ONLY be on vlan 10. I could never get it to work.

I verified that my configuration was proper because i setup pfsense in another virtual machine and it serves out dhcp offers on the LAN / VLAN 10 interface only.

my ipfire configuration is stock except I listed GREEN_VLAN= 10 in the vlan section and I only have a Green and Red setup.

Is this not possible?

Hi Matt.

Is it just the DHCP is not working?
What about Vlan, did you test it with a static address?

I’m just asking to clarify the problem.

I have tried both DHCP and static IP , If I setup my second VM correctly ( I’m using netplan). - I was not able to ping the IPFIRE box. DHCP doesn’t get an ip address and setting the client to a static ip and then trying to ping the IPFIRE box result in Destination host unreachable which tells me something isn’t right there.