Dear Forum,

I am trying to install IPFire on a virtual machine (Oracle VirtualBox),
inconveniently, the installation can`t proceed because no hard disk is found. Did any one of you ever run into a similar problem or do you happen to know a workaround?

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Hi @ragger

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I am running a virtual IPFire testbed network using VirtualBox. I use this for evaluating Testing releases and for evaluating patches for bugs etc.

I recently did a fresh install of Core Update 174 and it successfully found the Hard Disk. That was done with an installation on a cloned existing system.

Just now I created a new virtual machine instance and started the CU174 install and it successfully found the hard drive and is installing the system.

How did you create the hard disk in the vm? Did you follow the wiki page on VirtualBox?


Hello @bonnietwin,
(sorry for late reply, my email provider took their jolly time telling me they can`t reach into this forum)

thank you,
no, I did not exactly follow the wiki page, since I tried to install the machine from a bootable USB stick.
Now revisiting the wiki page I understand that I can just use the ISO file to start the installation, without a real, physical CD/DVD. Am I getting this right?

The probem is that my Laptop doesn`t come with a CD drive.

No problems.

That is absolutely correct. If you select the Storage element of your vm then it should show an empty optical drive as it says in the wiki and you can then navigate to where you have the IPFire iso file stored. Then after selecting the iso then you can start the vm and it will start the iso and come up with the install window in the console.

When the first part of the installation is completed and it comes up with the reboot button, when you press that the iso is automatically unmounted from the optical drive and the vm should boot and allow you to do the next part of the setup with timezone, domain name, network etc.

If you run into any further problems let us know and I will try and help you out.

Good luck.