VirtualBox images

Hello IPFire,

Are there any ready made VirtualBox images for IPFire?

Thank you.

Hi @th0n1

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No there aren’t. The only images available are for when you need to place an image directly onto a memory card or disk to do an install because your system won’t work with an iso.

Having said, that I would say that an install is not that long or complicated so it shouldn’t be a big impact.

Here is the wiki page about installing VirtualBox.


Hi @bonnietwin,

Thank you for your reply, however I’m always getting ‘Unable to install’ error! I followed, also, the page suggested.

At which point in the installation are you getting the “unable to install” error and is that all that is shown?

At the end of the installation. I recorded it, how can I upload the video?

When you are writing your entries there is an upload symbol at the top of the box, 7th along but as you are a new member then I believe that you will find that you can’t yet upload things.

Your best bet will be to find some location to store it, like a dropbox or similar location and then write the link to it. Links may also be restricted as you are new. If so then just write the link address out with any dots replaced by the word “dot”

Maybe this works:

I have had a look through the video. I think the problem is the network configuration that you set up. You put both the network adaptors to be associated with eth0. You can’t do that. IPFire will think you only have one network adaptor and that is why you are getting that error message.

You either need to add another physical network card, or a usb adaptor as in the wiki, if you have other physical computers that you want to connect to the green lan, or you could set the adaptor to Internal Network and then create another virtual machine with Ubuntu, Arch Linux or whatever you want to connect to that network.

What is it you are trying to set up with this virtual IPFire?

Have you read this page in the wiki about virtual environments.


I am a bit impatient to start on IPFire because I don’t have the hardware yet. I had the Alix board but it broke. I am gonig for the APU.

Thank you for your help.

Can’t understand the impatience. :wink:
Alix ( i586 ) versions have gone now for over half a year.
You should have switched over to APU long time ago. At the moment there is enough used APU HW available on the market. So you could bridge the time until new HW, fitting your needs and wishes, is easily available.

For the change from Alix to APU I recommend to document your settings ( WebGUI, … ), do a fresh install of the newest CU, setup your system according to your docs. And you are ready for securing your network with an up-to-date IPFire system.

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