Vdsl sfp modems with ipfire

I am a system builder in Australia and am trying to investigate options for internal VDSL modem solutions for my IPFIRE units

Draytek seem to have discontinued their Vigornic 132 PCI card here which I have been using successfully to date. I am trying to investigate other solutions & have procured a Proscend 180-T SFP VDSL modem to combine with an Intel 82574L based PCI-e Fibre SFP card for testing
These modems apparently work with Microtik & some other routers / switches with SFP ports

I am wondering whether or not the IPFRE team have any information on whether / how IPFIRE can be configured to use this Modem, or its variants under other brand names.

I am currently trying to test on a Telstra (AUST) NBN VDSL connection which assigns WAN address via DHCP and without VLAN ID or username / password requirement.

Unit seems to achieve sync and IPFIRE detects carrier on RED initially, but it seems like the modem is not passing traffic back through the fibre card as the system can not pull a DHCP WAN address from the provider. It only assigns a 169. loopback address for the Red.

I am aware that these modems require auto negotiation to be switched off in the hosting card interface and have tested with this set, but am unsure on exactly how to set in other areas for this combination or how to further test / diagnose from here

Can anyone add any clarification as to IPFIRE compatibilty with this type of hardware combination or suggest configuration / diagnosis option for possible resolution to make it work