Using Tor with VPN as roadwarrior?


Is there any possibility to use tor on ipfire with vpn connected roadwarrior?
I think, no, because its socks5 proxy.



at the moment, IPFire’s Tor CGI does not support this.

Using an HTTP proxy is possible with Tor (it is the setup I am using for years), but upstream web proxy settings are currently not written into the Tor configuration generated dynamically.

Apart from that, connecting through Tor via a VPN is not a good idea in terms of privacy (source). Consider using Tor bridges instead.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

hmm… thanks… so it would be better, to leave the idea will the roadwarrior be and just to use tor apps like orbot or inivizible directly on the smartphone (over internal vpn)



Most applications are not prepared to be transparently routed through something like Tor anyway, leaking sensitive information too easy to an adversary.

For desktop usage, I would recommend Whonix for accessing Tor more securely.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

sure, whoinix is the best way, I just thought about a solution for some devides in one way, without making and settings on device (roadwarrior), just setting the vpn on laptop, smartphone and so on and going through the home-vpn with tor.

But it seems not to work that way :slight_smile: