Using SSH keys for login to console

For a long time now I’m using a password to login to IPfire using SSH. Now I want to try SSH keys as described here some questions though.

Do I need a separate key created on client side, different from the one IPfire already created automatically? Do I have to copy this client key to the IPFire in order to get things done?

I assume I do not need any password afterwards, nor is it obligatory to use one upon key creation, right?

IPFire created the machine’s key.

The wiki article refers to the client side root user’s key. You might need to run ssh-keygen as root, on the client, in order to create that.

Then run the script on the wiki article, to add that key to IPFire’s recognised keys.

You should not need password afterwards for ssh access. It might be necessary to log out then back in on client, to get it working.