Using Parsec with IPFire

My friends and I are wanting to play a game co-op using parsec. However, when they try to connect the connection fails. I have checked to make sure parsec is allowed through Windows Firewall, but I am not sure what changes I need to make to my IPFire box to make it compatible. I was looking at this but I don’t see any NAT controls in IPFire. Does anyone know what settings I need to change?


You can create a firewall rule using the web user interface that through a destination NAT can open on the WAN side the port needed by the game.

However, as discussed in the link you provided, if your internet service provider does not give you a public IP and instead it gives you a private one through its own destination NAT, then you will end up with a double NAT, which is not always compatible with the networking of this game. The same will happen if you have a modem in front of IPFire, usually coming from the provider, that creates a NAT.


works great, thanks. I had no idea that you could even do port forwarding on ipfire


if I may take the liberty to comment on this one: Port forwarding is one of the most basic things a firewall should be able to do. :slight_smile:

No offense, but for reasons mentioned here (section: “RTFM - your adversaries will do as well”), I think it might be good if you could make yourself more familiar with IPFire before you start using it in production.

Generally, the wiki should have all things documented - let us know if something is missing, though -, and a while ago, I wrote some recommendations on how to configure IPFire’s firewall engine and IPS in a secure manner.

After all, they say a false sense of security is worse than having no security at all, and I believe this is true. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


Appreciate the reading, I will go give it a closer look.