User authentication with captive portal

How can I force user to authenticate with user name and password before accessing internet? Captive portal doesn’t have that option. And webproxy doesn’t force to authenticate.

maybe this might get you started:

Hi Jon,
I did configure the squid proxy, but in captive portal I just see two options. How can I make the local authentication work?

Hi @mubinre

The Captive Portal has the Coupon method to authorise access to the network you provide and hence the Internet.

If you want the users to authorise via coupon to access the network and then to authorise via user name and password to access the internet then as @jon mentioned you will need to use the Web Proxy local authorisation.

To make this authentication required for all users browsers to that network then you would need to follow the instructions for WPAD/PAC configuration which makes those users browsers use the proxy.


Hi @bonnietwin,

I did follow everything written in the 2nd link. I am not sure but I feel I missed something. I thought that the proxy configuration will redirect me to a webpage where local users have to sign in with usename and password to access the internet. But nothing such happened. So, now my question is, is it possible to redirect users first to authenticate with username and password?

Thank you in advance

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If your proxy redirection is not working using wpad try first on a pc to manually enter IPFire as the proxy server. Then try to access the internet.

If no authentication is asked for then I would suspect that there is an error in the setup of the local authentication in the web proxy.

If authentication is asked for then there is a problem with the setup of the wpad proxy setting automatic distribution.


Well, Thanks for your help. But I gave up, it’s a home project, and it’s too complicated or too much research and time consuming for me. I’ll wait until someone upload a video instruction on youtube.