Use Blue zone on regular ethernet port

Hello all,

I can’t thank all the contributors enough for this great distro. I have IP Fire running on a motherboard with 4 built-in ethernet ports and NO wireless interface. I am interested in using the Blue zone on one of these ethernet ports and then connecting it to a VLAN on a switch that will host an access point and several wired hosts.

I’m already using Red(Inet), Orange(DMZ), and Green(Internal) zones. The problem I’m running into is that it seems like this configuration is not supported. Because I don’t have a wireless interface installed on the system running IPFire, I can’t access the page that would allow me to enable hosts in that zone to access the internet. Am I understanding that from the docs and other threads correctly?

I think what I’m trying to do is an unsupported configuration. If not, can someone please clue me in on how to do it? Can I create a custom zone?

Yes You can use a spare NIC as a Blue Zone
That is what i do.
Blue is connected to vlan switch port?
Sounds Right to me .Not a vlan expert.

The VLAN is fine. Hosts are getting IP addresses from the DHCP server but I can’t get any IP packets past the gateway for the subnet configured on the blue zone interface. How are you configured? Did you have to add explicit rules to permit the blue zone to get out to the internet?

Is this a Blue Access issue: Blue Access
You can disable the default MAC filtering per Disable MAC Address filtering on that wiki page

I read that page but I used the broadcast mac address. Plus the docs are technically incorrect. I’ll update them. They say to enter the blue network’s broadcast address and subnet mask. It should say to enter the network address and subnet mask. Blanking the mac address did it. Sorry, I overlooked that in the docs.


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