USB 3,2/ 2,5 gigabit adapter

Hello everyone! I try for fourth time to make ipfire work(the infamous DNS not working- hope it works now, cross my fingers). I want to use an HP SFF i3/8GB/256 SSd with ASUS USB-C2500, 2.5 Gigabits, USB-A 3.2 Gen1 - RJ45 adapter for RED and internal LAN for Green. Could be compatibility problems with my setup? I have gigabit internet. Thank you!

No one? Not even a small one? :slightly_smiling_face:

More “speed” problems than compatibility problems.

There is probably no response since no one else has a set-up like this. And there is little detail about the box like the CPU and the NIC card. I’d worry about the USB-to-Ethernet adapter and the USB port the adapter is plugged into.

You’d be better off finding a box with two true Ethernet ports.

I’d suggest giving it a try and letting us know what you find.

I buy it that mini PC for his energy consumption. I will search for USB-C to ethernet adapter(yes, have even USB-C port). Maybe it will work well. I already give too much money and I don’t wanna spend more. If this solution doesn’t work probably I will choose a HW solution from Firewalla or Ubiquiti. Thank you.

I use the internal LAN for RED, with either mini-PC or SBC. IPFire will usually overcome the DNS issue, with that configuration. Even if GREEN on USB-RJ45 does not work, you can log in via monitor and keyboard and attempt to rectify. In some cases it could be as simple as re-plugging the USB-RJ45, which should not stop IPFire working.

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Some hints may be helpful in the comments of the following page



However, as @jon wrote, I’m afraid we don’t have enough specific information about the computer you want to buy.

If I remember correctly, there are a couple of threads on the forum about usb adapters and realtek chipsets doing problems.


Other helpful site




I already buy it.
Mini Hp 800 G2. I3/8gb/256ssd.

using the cheapest available adapter :wink:

2.5Gbps USB External Wired Network Card Type-C To RJ45 Converter Ethernet Lan Adapter

Can reach max 2.3Gbps in my iperf test.
I am using it on a different firewall though. Working fine since a some months without any issue, but if you high bandwith and throughput then i’d suggest a better one or just put a heatsink on the chip inside.

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Offtopic: Aliexpress, hell no!
I will use one with USB-C and a case from metal. I find something at DeLock. I will prospect couple then I will make a purchase. Come back with first impressions.

I use it an USB-C to Ethernet Axagon adapter, 2,5gb. Works well at first glance. But after I renounced fourth time at IPfire, now, with new HW, I still have that infamous DNS error. And I don’t have Internet.
On hovering over Error said: Status: broken,
response timeout for IP@53(UDP).
I even setup Google at, nothing. It is very, very annoying and upsetting to have this problem EVERY TIME I USE IPFIRE. Come on guys, Nothing can’t be done? Is the only place were I find this error and I cannot retrieve internet…

Speed on WiFi with that 2,5Gb on RED.
Yes, I made it somehow to work. I switch to TLS, then to UDP, to Google dns, then back, then disable Google, then… then… then. I’m so scared that I forgot to put the PC on UPS and for sure, the Sisyph work will start again after reboot. It’s a continuous nightmare…