URL Filter MAC address ban

Hi everyone, would it be possible to ban by their MAC address and not their IP address. We have an open office and some employees change their IP address to an unfiltered IP address so they can access blocked sites. This is for those that bring in their personal laptops to work. I do not use the IPFire DHCP I have a separate server with Active Directory, DHCP, etc. I know I can create firewall rules for this but flooding the rules table from previous attempts raised other issues. Would be easier to just include this option in the URL Filter settings. Appreciate your kind assistance.

URL filter work on IP addresses, so fare so good.
DHCP combines MAC and IP - you mentioned that.
Both are technical solutions.
If MAC filtering in the URL section of ipfire is not possible - that’s my suspicion then only a organizational solution in your company is to be considered.
That means everybody, who works in your network has to sign an IT agreement. On a regular basis you can check reports if the agreement is broken or not.

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MAC-IP Binding. Is a PITA to implement and troubleshoot correctly, but it will cut the rope for such nice collegues.

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