Upload Image File to wiki

The screen shot “install_dnsgateway2.png” in installation handbook is superceded. I wanted to upload a replacement but can’t get the upload dialog to find files on my computer.


I am logged in. Are there some permissions or other issues that would prevent the upload ?

I just gave the upload a try and it seems to work for me.

Maybe @ms needs to tweak something?

EDIT: Something did download but it may be corrupt…

I can make the image work by converting to it jpeg… very odd!

Just tested it with FF, IE and Edge. Works all fine.

Weired. The preview didn’t work. Just replaced the same file and works fine now.

Can someone send me the original file and I will have a look?

Actually, can someone open a ticket on BZ for this?

I’ve emailed Michael the file.

For info of other testers, it was prepared in KDE via “spectacle” screen-shot, directly exported to GIMP, cut, unsharp masked, then exported as PNG. My various PNG tools open it fine.

It tried Falkon, FireFox and Chromium browsers for the upload, all gave no apparent response to the “Browse” button but did upload something.

Thanks to those who tested this. It was my bad. I’ve been using openSUSE Leap 15.2 beta for some weeks and tend to forget that - and recently via core 143 testing branch.

Following Leap’s fairly frequent update, of 240+ files last night, the problem is not reproducible. All PNG, whether from “screenshot”, GIMP or LibreOffice, now upload, display their thumbnail and display within the wiki page. The only one of those apps that was replaced was LibreOffice.

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