Upgraded to latest version but cannot connect firesticks to WIFI

I have updated IPfire after is has been working for years and now i am unable to connect 4 x Firesticks to the internet.
Im grasping at straws after spending over 6 hours trying to resolve this issue.
I have undertaken the following:
Changed the WAP point
Factory reset the WAP point
Factory reset a Firestick
Reset the managed switch

IPFire setup:
Stopped using ISP provided DNS servers and use Google’s
Stopped Geoblocking
Forced an IP/Gateway/DNS into a firestick rather than use DHCP

I have connected a Firestick to a mobile phone using a hotspot and it connects fine.
All the PCs and phones connect to the WAP point ok and can connect to the internet.
The Firesticks connect to the WAP ok but cannot resolve an internet connection since i have updated the firewall.
Am i missing something in the update or am i having a blond moment :frowning:

Hi @pingumasta, good afternoon.

A quick answer. Have you checked this?

You may have forgotten to whitelist the MAC. It won’t be the first time that has happened to me :thinking:

Tell Us something.


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Im not using WIFI on the blue zone. Its sitting on the green zone ATM.

try digging through the various logs for Firestick IP addresses or MAC addresses. Maybe there is a hint in there…

menu LogsFirewall Logs or menu LogsSystem Logs

Also do you have any Firewall Rules enabled?

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