Updates to the Wiki


I am opening a post here for more people to see who will be affected by the changes :slight_smile:

I had a conversation with @jon over the phone the other week and we talked about some technical problems with the wiki and how we can make it better. I had some time to implement these already. So here they are:


The wiki as a page that lists all pages: https://wiki.ipfire.org/tree

This will help us to find pages that are no longer linked, but still might show up in some search index. It also helps us to have a more logical structure of the wiki - which is mostly helpful for the authors.

Removal of the sidebar

I came to the conclusion that this does not really have a purpose. It wastes a lot of screen space and I do not see what it adds that wasn’t there before.

Pages are now wider (especially on mobile devices) and there is more space for the content :slight_smile:

Comments when pages are restored

When someone restores an older version of a wiki page, there is now a comment field to make clear why something was reverted.

I guess you all know why this is necessary :slight_smile:

Remove older versions from the Google Index

Deleted or older versions of some pages show up on Google. This is annoying, because improvements to that page won’t be seen by users. They will simply view an outdated page.

It might take a couple of days until they are all removed. If you see anything in a couple of days, please let me know.

If you find any bugs or other issues, please feel free to open a ticket: https://bugzilla.ipfire.org/buglist.cgi?component=Wiki&list_id=14044&product=IPFire%20Infrastructure&resolution=---


Looks good! Thank you for adding the Tree! I’ve been using it to find & delete a few old pages.

Here are a few older pages that look like the have old info. Can all of these be deleted?

project / The IPFire Ambassadors Project
/project/ambassadors ‐ Last edited January 16, 2010

project / IPFire Design Project
/project/design ‐ Last edited January 17, 2010

project / The IPFire Mentors Project
/project/mentors ‐ Last edited October 11, 2010

project / How to set up an IPFire mirror server?
/project/mirror ‐ Last edited November 5, 2018

project / The IPFire News Project
/project/news ‐ Last edited November 3, 2009

projects / docs / Coordinator
/projects/docs/coordinator ‐ Last edited February 12, 2012

project / IPFire Webmasters
/project/web ‐ Last edited June 26, 2010

Unfortunately, yes :slight_smile:

I hope that some time we will be able to revive the Mentor’s and Ambassador’s Project…

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The new Tree view really makes this easier to find old pages and old links!

Here is an “odd” wiki page and I cannot “fully” delete this page. It always appears in the Tree.

nonpublic / openvpn
/nonpublic/openvpn ‐ Last edited July 30, 2011


And below are older pages that seem like they have old info. Can all of these be deleted? I had planned to delete them all but I wanted to ask first…

Optimization / Useful Tweak for SQL-database
/optimization/sql ‐ Last edited December 23, 2010

Optimization / Partial outsourcing of IPFire file system on a file server
/optimization/outsourcing ‐ Last edited July 16, 2011

. . .

Development / Changing Keymap
/devel/keymap ‐ Last edited October 28, 2011

Development / SELinux
/devel/selinux ‐ Last edited January 21, 2012

Development / Proxy
/devel/proxy ‐ Last edited March 5, 2013

Development / Proxy / Plans for next version of Update-Accelerator 3.0
/devel/proxy/update-accelerator ‐ Last edited March 7, 2013

. . .

Core Updates
/updates ‐ Last edited July 4, 2013

Core Updates / OpenVPN Transfer Network Block
/updates/openvpn-transfer-net-block ‐ Last edited August 24

much more structured and clearer now many also better readable. Great.

Thanks @ms an @jon

I deleted it. The page was simply empty before. Weird.

Those can be deleted IMHO.

Please keep those, because they are about IPFire 3 :slight_smile:

This was supposed to be a section that helps people to update their systems. I guess we simply drop this, because it is old and unused.

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Is this still relevant? or OK to delete?

Tools / SaneTwain
/tools/sanetwain ‐ Last edited August 20

Hardware / Performance loss with passive network interface cards
/hardware/passivenics ‐ Last edited September 21, 2015

Hardware / HCL-Network (old)
/hardware/networking-old ‐ Last edited September 18, 2018

Hardware / HCL-DVB / tested DVB-Cards
/hardware/dvb ‐ Last edited September 23, 2018

I suggest retaining this article. It might be shortened.

Some of the passive cards could still be in use and causing otherwise unexplained slow transfer speeds, as people move to higher bandwidth Internet plans.

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I agree. It needs to be updated and rewritten in large parts. But this topic is more important than ever.

The old HLC can go.


@ms & @pmueller -

I deleted this page from the wiki Project section but then gave it a second look. Should this move to the Development area? or?


[https://wiki.ipfire.org/hardware/passivenics](Performance loss with passive network interface cards) is not linked from the main Hardware page and could be difficult to find.

I’m uncertain how to ascertain whether a chip not listed on the page is active or passive. A relatively high level test that I have used is to dd a file of ~100 MB from a server over
NFS (the latter avoids encryption overhead) to a workstation having the chip under test.
That was repeated at least once, to get the file cached at server end, with “systemctl vm.drop_caches=3” in between, at client end.

It reported 116 MB/s, to two different workstations, via a DLink Gb switch, which is a practical topology for most situations. From which I concluded that:

  1. the tg3 chip in the dual-core 1.3 GHz server is probably active
  2. the RTL8168 chips in the quad-core 2.7 GHz & dual-core 1.8 GHz workstations are either active or the difference is not significant with that amount of CPU power.

Hi Jon,

thanks for cleaning up the wiki. This page should be preserved, as it is important for people who are willingly to provide another mirror for the project.

However, it is not directly related to development but I guess it does not make sense to open up a “infrastructure” category as we do not have anything else fitting into it (perhaps the postmaster information?).

@ms: You opinion on this?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

The infrastructure documentation on the wiki isn’t public. So it cannot go there.

Development isn’t really where I would search either.

Any thoughts on the place https://wiki.ipfire.org/project/mirror?revision=2018-11-05T17:01:53 should go?

Also these two pages look like older pages related to docuwiki. It there anything within the text still needed, or can these be deleted?

Not really… Simply /mirrors? We should link to it from https://mirrors.ipfire.org.

Yes, those were old and I deleted them straight away.

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In January 2019 I created the https://wiki.ipfire.org/addons/gnutls wiki page. I thought it was an addon and it is not.

Is it worthwhile to create a “package” area in (e.g., https://wiki.ipfire.org/package with https://wiki.ipfire.org/package/gnutls)? Or just delete the gnutls wiki page?

I think for the time being we should concentrate on the add-ons that actually require configuration.

I do not think that it is wrong to have some documentation about standard packages and commands of the OS, but probably very fewer people will benefit from this.

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