Update to Core Update 162 problem with DMZ

Good day,

after updating to the Core Update 162 version, I have the problem that devices in the DMZ do not have access to the Internet.

I had set up a firewall rule DMZ → Red. I deleted and recreated it, but still the devices do not have access.

Does anyone possibly have an idea what I can do?

Thanks a lot

The default setting for Orange to Red is open so you should not need any rule or have you changed the Default Outgoing setting for IPFire to Blocked in place of Allowed.

Try running tail -f /var/log/messages in a console window and then try to access the internet from one of your devices and see what log messages are generated. That hopefully should give some clue as to what is stopping the communication.


Thanks, the nudge has helped me find the error!

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Any possibility that you could provide more details on the problem so in future people searching the forum will be able to benefit from your experience.