Update to core 177 does not advance

Good day everyone.

Today I tried to update the kernel to 177 but it already takes more than 20 minutes.
The screen says:

Pakfire is working… Please wait until all operations are completed successfully.
since 25m

Aug 6 15:02:07 cortana pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: pub/ipfire/pakfire2/2.27-x86_64/paks/core-upgrade-2.27-177.ipfire has size of 85278539 bytes

And it doesn’t go from there. What should I do? It had never taken so long, I thought about restarting but well… it’s a delicate update, I’m afraid it might be damaged.

Try selecting the pakfire menu item again.

I would expect that for some reason it has not refreshed the screen and that it should show the pakfire screen again with the messsage that a restart is required.

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Well, I don’t know how long it took. I left home and when I returned, it already said that it required a restart. I got scared because it wasn’t moving forward. So it seems that it may take a long time. Thank you.

I noticed the same issue.

I have two HUGE files that get backed up (but need to be transferred to another HD). And I think that is causing the big slowdown.

Do you have a large backup file(s)?

Please post your menu System > Backup screenshot.

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Maybe a bit off topic, but what makes you have so big files for the backup… a lot of stuff running and being logged?

In comparison my ISO is only 386 MB (today)

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@sec-con - I have a database AND two old copies of a test database. Once I removed the two old databases the size was 124.48 MB. I should have done this LONG ago.

@rafaeljacome - the backups look small and so that is not the issue I saw. Thank you for posting.

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