Update email & passwd

I am in the process of installing ipfire and test it for the first time.
Unfortunately I gave wrong email when I registred … how can that be changed … and where do I update my password?

There are two accounts that are created when you install IPFire the first time. One is for the console and the other is for the Web User Interface (WUI). Neither of the two requires an email in the credentials. The console requires as username the word ‘root’ and the WUI (which you connect through your browser) requires the word ‘admin’. See the installation section of the wiki.

To reset the password you need physical access to your machine. You can find all the details in this previous discussion.

Sorry that I was unclear with my question … I haven’t installed IPFire yet.
What I meant was email & passwd for my account in this community … how to change them.

Welcome to Ipfire Raivo,

you can try these 2 links to recover your account:
go to https://people.ipfire.org/

click on your Profile “P” in upper right corner and choose preferences: maybe this link will take you there

Yes … the link gives me an option to change passw but not email …

You will need to contact the ipfire administrators as changing email address of forum members is as far as i know limited to a couple of people

@ms and @pmueller

At least they should be able to tell you how to get it done.

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How do I contact the ipfire administrators … can’t find any info about these guys.

I added their usernames in my previous post. Using the @ format means they will get a notification that they have been mentioned.

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OK … thanks