Update Core 171 (test) Issues


I have upgraded to IPFire 2.27 (aarch64) - Core-Update 171 Development Build: master/ca4de263 and it seems that everything has gone Ok. It has been done without problems and apparently everything seems to work.

My profile is: fireinfo.ipfire.org - Profile 9d73b2b007ea75a8c15d748d8ac07e6effd8ec8f

Only, in “Status → Services” appears this:

I thought it was fixed in this update.

Regards and thank you all.

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Hi Roberto,

No that bug is still being worked on as it requires a significant rewrite of the involved code.

In the past that addon wouldn’t even have been shown in the table but with the rewrite of the services.cgi code, addons with a different initscript name to addon name were now shown and so it could be seen that the code to tell if it was running or not was not working.
The addons can be started, stopped and the status checked with the initscripts on the command line.

is the bug covering this fix which will solve the situation for all addons. A patch set has been created and submitted but is in discussion and rework to be finalised. I would expect that with where we are with it we should be able to have it completed and accepted for CU171.

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Just did a fresh install of c171 (master/ca4de263 x86_64) and restored from backup. It is not happy with Guardian …

Edit: Note the Can’t locate Linux/Inotify2.pm

Updated my IPFire 2.27 Core 169 to the Core 171 test version.
The installation went OK and all seems to be working.
My FireInfo: fireinfo.ipfire.org - Profile cef8c686f616a51ee47c7250d00f0eae97b4680f
(I retained my second SSD disk with the Core 171 “Unstable” installation I’ve been using for the past couple of weeks due the issue with ASIX USB3-to-LAN adapters using the ax88179-178a driver - just in case. So a fall back if needed will be quick :innocent: :blush:)
Willy Sejr

I just tested Guardian on my CU171 Testing system and it installed with no problem and rebooted successfully also.

The Inotify2.pm file is in the following directory on my system. Can you check if it is present on yours.


If it is present in the directory then try rebooting again.

If it is not present then I will create a new clone of CU170 with Guardian installed and do an update to CU171 Testing

I just realised you did a fresh install of CU171 and then restored your backup. Did you install the Guardian addon after installing CU171 Testing and before doing your restore?

I think maybe I did the restore before actually adding back the addon.
Also, I currently am seeing no Linux directory under /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.36.0/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/

Interesting …
There is a Linux directory under perl … 5.32.1

Edit: So, I suspect this is less a Guardian issue than the problem of the missing Linux directory under /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.36.0/x86_64-linux-thread-multi

Normally that would sound like something went wrong with the update from CU170 to CU171 Testing and that the old Perl directory was not properly removed but you said that you did a fresh install from CU171 Testing so there would be no 5.32.1 perl directory as that is not part of CU171 Testing so couldn’t be installed.

In my update from CU170 to CU171 there is only a 5.36.0 directory so the old 5.32.1 directory was successfully removed.

I don’t understand how you have a 5.32.1 directory with a fresh install of CU171 Testing?

I am creating some new clones to do some further testing.

I have set /opt/pakfie … mine to 170 and started an upgrade. It appears to have created the Linux directory under ** /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.36.0/x86_64-linux-thread-multi.
That seems to have cleared-up the problem.

Edit: Either I had a weird hick-up of some sort on the install, or there’s an issue with installer not working as well as doing an upgrade

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I am glad you got it working. I think you must have had some form of glitch when you were installing CU171 Testing.

  • I have created a backup of CU170 with Guardian installed.
  • Then I have done a fresh install of CU171 Testing.
  • Then I have installed Guardian. It installed without any problems and the Inotify2.pm file was present in the Perl tree with 5.36.0 There was no Perl tree with 5.32.1 present at all. Guardian showed as running successfully under services.cgi page
  • Then I have restored my full backup. Still only a 5.36.0 perl tree. Guardian still running.
  • Then I have restored my Guardian addon backup. Guardian still running.
  • Then I have rebooted. No message about Inotify2.pm
    Guardian running fine. Only a perl 5.36.0 tree.

So I have tried both a fresh install and an update from CU170 to CU171 Testing and have not been able to reproduce the problem you experienced.

Could you try to re-do your fresh install of CU171 Testing and see if the issue is repeated or not?


Well, I went back through the fresh install (doing the backup restore after adding back the addons) and things seem to be fine … so far :upside_down_face:
Perhaps my backward restore-first then install addons drove things off into the weeds; or some other gremlin mucked with my previous install.
Thanks for your effort and sorry for being an unnecessary nuisance


@cbrown , I don’t think it was an unnecessary nuisance.
According to ‘old’ experience: “There are no stupid questions, but often stupid answers”.
I hope Adolf’s answers were not the latter ones. :slight_smile:


Big update! Nothing appears to have broken for me too.

Nice job guys!

This is an old issue, but DHCPd on RED still fails to stop whenever I reboot or shutdown the system.

Seems to be working for me too (Day 6+ on the Core 171 test vision).
Even some experiments with existing and new add-ons did not cause problems.
Willy Sejr

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Core 171 upgraded and it works for me, no issues until now.