Update BIOS apu2

I just upgraded IPFire to core 159 and decided to update the firmwar, too. I followed my own notes and additionally checked https://community.ipfire.org/t/how-update-the-bios-from-ipfire-with-pc-engines-apux/1820/8

I’ve downloaded the binary https://3mdeb.com/open-source-firmware/pcengines/apu2/apu2_v4.15.0.1.rom and used sha256sum to checked for corrupted file.

After executing flashrom -p internal -w apu2_v4.15.0.1.rom
I got many errors like these and I stopped the process:

# flashrom -p internal -w apu2_v4.15.0.1.rom
flashrom v1.2 on Linux 4.14.212-ipfire (x86_64)
flashrom is free software, get the source code at https://flashrom.org

Using clock_gettime for delay loops (clk_id: 1, resolution: 1ns).
coreboot table found at 0xcfec4000.
Found chipset "AMD FCH".
Enabling flash write... OK.
Error accessing GD25Q256D, 0x2000000 bytes at 0x00000000fe000000
/dev/mem mmap failed: Operation not permitted
Could not map flash chip GD25Q256D at 0x00000000fe000000.
Error accessing IS25LP256, 0x2000000 bytes at 0x00000000fe000000
/dev/mem mmap failed: Operation not permitted
Could not map flash chip IS25LP256 at 0x00000000fe000000.
Error accessing IS25WP256, 0x2000000 bytes at 0x00000000fe000000
/dev/mem mmap failed: Operation not permitted

So are there any issues with the flashrom command or the update process in general?

Of course I was logged into SSH using root…

Any hints and tips are greatly appreciated!


In a next try I, used the command firmware-update and let the command finish. I saw the very same error messages, but nevertheless it successfully did its job:

Found Winbond flash chip “W25Q64.V” (8192 kB, SPI) mapped at physical address 0x00000000ff800000.
Reading old flash chip contents… done.
Erasing and writing flash chip… Erase/write done.
Verifying flash… VERIFIED.
Flashing was successful! Please reboot.

So, I guess those errors above are just “warnings” about not installed hardware on my apu2c4 mainboard.



You need iomem relaxed for flashing else it’s not permitted. Ipfire ships firmware upgrades for the APu (pakfire pcengines-apu-firmware). After installing the package and iomem relaxed you have to reboot and do
firmware-update info && firmware-update update


Hi @hellfire.

I have always used the command in this way and have never had a problem.

flashrom -p internal:boardmismatch=force -w apu1_v4.xx.x.x.rom

Give it a try, it might work for you.


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Did the firmware-update add-on not work? This should be easier!

Full disclosure - the current firmware versions is ( v4.14.0.4 ). A newer firmware version was recently created on December 6 but not yet fully approved & released.



The new firmware version is running on my system for about a week now.
Without any problems.


Yes, that command worked with same errors about hardware, but at the end, it finished successfully.

A reboot is missing though.

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I’ve downloaded the latest update, but finally updated with the one, core 159 delivered guess it’s

I’ve downloaded version 4.15.01 from https://pcengines.github.io/ to /lib/firmware/pcengines/apu/
and did a firmware-update.
That’s nearly the same as updating from the next core-update.



Thanks for your reply! So I will give it a try, too, with the latest firmware :laughing:

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