Update addons - how?


I was running IPFire Core 154, and a few days ago Core 155 was released. I did upgrade, using IPFire → Packfire WUI. It was all fine.

BUT. I have some addons installed, tshark is one of those. According to the release notes, blog.ipfire.org - IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 155 released [SECURITY ADVISORY], thark was upgraded to v. 3.4.3. But on my system it still identifies itself as 3.4.2.

I uninstalled and installed it again manually (using the wui, and also refreshed the package list). Still version 3.4.2.

Is there just some delay on the server or something more serious? Or am I just missing something? Should the addons upgrade themselves automatically, when the Core is upgraded?

There can be a delay in the updates being shown in all servers but not after several days.

I just installed tshark-3.4.3-9 and after install did tshark -v and it came back with

TShark (Wireshark) 3.4.3 (Git commit 6ae6cd335aa9)

When tshark is uninstalled does it show up in the Available Addons: list as tshark-3.4.3-9 or as tshark-3.4.2-8. If the later then the server is still providing the old version.

You can look in the tshark install log to see if a new library has been installed. There should be a file called


The first section is the uninstall section so there should be the removal of


then later on in the install section there should be the file


Your uninstalling and installing will have uninstall-tshark.log and install-tshark.log files
The update-tshark.log file comes from the upgrade process going to CU155.

The Core Update and all updated addons are shown in the Available Updates: section and when you select the Upgrade button it will update the addons as well as the core update.

Lets see what you find in the update-tshark.log file

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Thanks for reply.

It shows tshark-, the new version. This is the mystic thing :frowning: . I checked that also yesterday when I did this uninstall/install at least twice, and the server advertised the newer version.

I have no such file.

These files I have. And the time stamps of those files match my doing those actions.

Before doing the upgrade, that “Available updates” list had something, maybe three lines of text, but I can’t remember exactly what. I think I tried to select all of it, but nothing changed colour into blue, I think. Anyway, I pressed the arrow to start upgrade, and it started. Afterwards, it told that reboot is needed. I did that. After the upgrade, the Available updates list has been empty.

My fireinfo link is da6d9dac308de01827bf179a0d75b2531652004e, if that helps.

Hmmm. Now when I am installing tshark again, it says:

    You want to install the following packages: .tshark. There may be depending packages, here is a list of packages that need to be installed.

    PAKFIRE RESV: tshark: Resolving dependencies...

    PAKFIRE RESV: tshark: Dependency is already installed: krb5

    PAKFIRE RESV: tshark: Dependency is already installed: c-ares

    Do you want to install all packages?

Can these already-installed dependencies fool Pakfire? Shoul I remove them also?

You can’t select anything in that box, it just shows what is going to be upgraded when you select the button.
tshark should have been in that box as you had it before but the fact that you don’t have a update-tshark.log file is puzzling.
Even more puzzling is that the uninstall and install separately create the log files but the version doesn’t change.

Check the install-tshark.log file. Near the end of that it should have


if the correct version has been installed, which should be as the list shows tshark-3.4.3-9

My situation was for a fresh install of tshark as I did not have it installed before the upgrade to 155. So maybe there is something funny about the update of tshark but the update.sh script just calls the uninstall.sh followed by install.sh scripts.

I don’t know if it would be a problem but the simplest is to uninstall them first and then install tshark again and those dependencies will be added again.

:crossed_fingers: that it works this time.

My install-tshark.log has:


Consistent, but wrong, I think. :frowning:

Unfortunately, yes it is wrong and I don’t understand why it is doing that.

Hopefully more knowledgeable people can shed more light on what the problem is.

The only other suggestion I have, although it doesn’t understand or solve the problem properly, is to do a backup, download it somewhere secure and do a fresh installation of Core Update 155.

Sudden quick thought. Do you have the web proxy running. Could you have a stale cache problem?

Just a guess, nothing knowledgeable.

Uninstalling also those dependencies did not help. Trying to reboot with them all uninstalled. Did not help.
I also did have web proxy running. Disabling it did not solve the problem.

Well. Maybe I can live with the older version until proper solution comes available. Then I am a volunteer to verify if it works :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.