Update accelerator problem

Hi to all,

in the last weeks i found some pending downloads that won’t download nor be canceled.

What can i do?


Did you try clicking on the trash icon to delete these downloads?

Yes, but nothing happens.

Don’t know if these pending download are a real problem,
just want to know if they are a problem and how to handle them.


No, they are not a problem, but at the same time they shouldn’t be there either.

Hi Micheal,

i tried to reboot the machine a couple of times but pending download are still there.

well, i’m glad they don’t make problem, so i will take a look for a while and see if theyy disappear.


I cannot remember the path from the top of my head but it would be somewhere in /var/cache/updateaccelerator/downloads. You can just delete any files in that directory and they should be gone.

Hi Micheal,

done it, all good now!

many thanks!!

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A bug report for this has been created here: https://bugzilla.ipfire.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12252

Hi All,

I have exactly the same problem on multiple IPFire firewalls.

I will apply the manual solution proposed by Michael.

Since Apply manual solution, unfortunately new updates have appeared and are blocked in the same way.

same here again. Not a blocking problem, but it’s there.