Update Accelerator only shows Microsoft files

Hi all,
my IPFire “Update-Accelerator” is working fine, but only for Microsoft files.
I have quite a lot of Linux machines around, that need updates, but I do not see any other files (like Linux) in the IPFire Update-Accelerator list.
What I checked:

  • updated several Linux editions, based on the same distribution (like Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • the file “/usr/sbin/updxlrator” shown the “section Linux downloads”
  • the Update-Accelerator statistics only shows one line “Microsoft” with one source (today: 4332 files, all green).
  • the “Maintenance” lists quite actual files, so the accelerator is up to date.
  • the IPFire is 2.25 Update155
  • the DiskUsage is about 16% (12G,1.7G,9.4G)
    What should I check to get other files also “accelerated”?
    Thanky you in advance!
    (beside that: my IPFire is running like a VW ;-))
    best regards

Hi René,
welcome to the IPFire community!

At first a question about your linux clients. Do they use the proxy? If these clients download their updates directly, Update Accelerator as Squid rewriter module doesn’t have a chance to catch these requests.
Which Linux distributions do you use? Are the update URL present in /usr/sbin/updxlrator?

EDIT: To answer my last question partly by myself. If the update URLs use https, there is no way to catch them. /usr/sbin/updxlrator matches http:// URLs only :frowning:
A case for a ticket in Bugzilla.

Hallo Bernhard
Thanks for your fast reply!

I do not know if my linux clients use the proxy. How can I check / force the to use?
I am using Linux Mint 20.1, Ubuntu 20-04 on Proxmox, and did several installations in the last weeks.
The /usr/sbin/updxlrator does not show a specific URL, just the standard variables

I just checked my Linux: The repo apt sources are either ftp or HTTP, so they should show up…
(if my linux is using the IPFire-Proxy…How can I check this?)
Sorry for my side-question.

Hi Berhard,
looks like solved: I activated (transparent) “Web”-Proxy, and now the cache in Update-Accelerator is filling with Linux files.
…maybe some hint in the Docu for the accelerator would be helpful.
thanks for your support!

Okay, this means your Linux clients don’t really use the proxy.
In case of a non-transparent proxy they must send directly to the IPFire proxy.
This behaviour can be managed by WPAD ( see the wiki for this ). Else all web access not directed to the proxy must be denied with firewall rules.

This isn’t a problem of update accelerator only, but for all squid functions also ( includes URLFilter ).

Well I think WPAD works only in combination with a browser.

I have Opensuse as Linux distribution on all machines and I defined in the “Network Services” of YAST the system settings for “Proxy”.
With this proxy settings implemented the updates behind the proxy work just as they should.

Therefore I said ‘can be managed’. The informations about the proxy can be distributed with DHCP ( see the config in wiki ).

you are right and the wiki describes it quite well.
But in my distribution WPAD works for the browser only. Without the additional changing of the settings in YAST the update does not work. Maybe this is a specific behavior of my distribution.