Update Accelerator not caching?

While the topic is still a hot her in the forum: I’ve re-activated UPX a few days ago. But as of today, no single file has been logged by UPX.

I expected Linux update files as well as Windows files - but there is nothing.

As mentioned above, UPX is active in proxy settings. I’m using the proxy on green and blue network as well as in transparent mode.

Can I check somehow why this happens? Probably insufficient rights on folders etc?

Did you check “Passive Mode”?

Hi Michael!

You mean this setting in UPX itself?

Oh yeah, we renamed it because the old name was very confusing.

Your disk is used up to 67%. UPX disables itself if that is above 50, so it is basically switched off and will never cache. You should increase that percentage.


My bad, you are correct!

Was not aware that this percent value is absolute and not correlated to the currently available disk space :upside_down_face: (this does not make any sense of course the more I think about it :scream:)

Anyway, how can I check what is eating my space in /var? Guess the logs are causing this. I will check and have to delete some…

At least after changing the value to 80%, some Linux files are already caching, right bow!



by running

du -d 1 -h /var

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Thanks Peter!

I’ve already found that those many Sarg logs are filling up my SSD. I’ve deleted a bunch of them and now it’s OK!