Update 185 not available


The main page of the WebIF says, there is an update to 185 available, however, Pakfire page claims there is none.

Who knows what’s wrong or how can I force Pakfire to show the latest update?


If pressing the Refresh list button still does not show anything then you could try the pakfire force update of package lists command from the console.


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Thanks for your reply!

Umfortunately the command pakfire update --force did not work either…
Any further idea?

Edit: the following command shows there is an update avail, doesn’t it, however the WebIF does not. Strange situation, right?

# pakfire status
Core-Version: 2.29-x86_64
Core-Update-Level: 183
Last update: 48d 7h 31m 15s ago
Last core-list update: 3m 39s ago
Last server-list update: 3m 50s ago
Last packages-list update: 3m 48s ago
Core-Update available: yes (185)
Package-Updates available: 8
Reboot required: no

Edit2: Funny, pressing the update button in WebIF, just started the upgrade process!