Update 182->183 Feedback

Personally I like the new design of ipfire.
Color is fresh an fonts are crispier.
I took this as it happens what was designed.
May be that is browser depended (firefox). Even the the addon “Dark Readers” works fine if I want to use it.
The graphics do not work, but this was mentioned in an other threat, when I remember correctly. Think there will be an solution provided.


I would love to see it too but I cannot connect to web ui after update… I someone encounter the same please write here.

Did a IPFire reboot not fix this?

There are a few other threads in the Community about the same thing. I think there is already a fix.

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There is no such problem with the graphics any longer. Should be induced by the browser (Konquerror)

Personally, I think that the new colors (the screen strawberry red…) is terrible, can I go back to the previous look?

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Thx for the update of the gui,
you did also eliminate the dark fronted patch created by an user here, but all fine, first time i was wondering about it
It was because of rewriting the gui i think!

That’s how it looks like.