Update 169 - forward drop


I don’t understand it. I’ve only GeoIP Rules defined (never change it since long time), After update 167 → 169 all 443 forward Ports are droped; DNS Ports are working.

Is there a new config necessary or whats going an?

DROP_FORWARD green0 TCP 52938 443(HTTPS)

Any idea - greetings

Can you add additional details?

Are these firewall rules? If so please add a screen shot.

Or are you referring to Location Block?

FYI - As of IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 148, GeoIP Block was updated to Location Block . Read the IPFire Blog A new location database for the Internet for additional information.


I’ve no idea; No config changes; Releases 167 working very well.
Settings FW default → Forward drop

It is probably Rule #1. If you disable rule #1 and connect to 34.*.*.* do things work?

I am guessing when GeoIP went away that Rule #1 was never updated. If it was updated I think the Destination (Zeil) column would say Location instead of GeoIP.

Click on the pencil and take a screen shot of rule #1

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New location block

Your default fire wall is set to block.
So you will have to adjust your port forward rules

location block - is there for forward or incoming rules?
I’ve adjust port forwards rule - GeoIP (country block) but there are does not work on 169!!!
Delete them and define new ??

My question is, why works my FW on Release 167 and not in 169 - there have to been a fundamental change - or?

Asymmetric routing
Is now blocked.
I think ping between networks is blocked now.
Added block hostile network button
Intrusion Prevention System improvements
Perhaps they cleaned up old rules like geoip.

Rule #1 could be changed from geoip to
all or red or one country

And from the location block page
Block every where you do not want to allow.

Be careful location block is first then wirewall rules.

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You can leave location block
Un used if you want.
Change firewall rule to allow the country you want.

Or make rule allow to red.
And block use location block to block all countries you need. This will effect all rules.