Unstable connections

I just installed ipfire on a mini computer. I installed a key I had with version 142, which went fine. Afterward, once configured to access the internet, I went through the GUI to run pakfire, but it keeps complaining that the file to download has not been verified by ipfire.org! I tried to force an update through CLI, which worked, I then could update to 155. I then try to use this router from my computer, but almost all web pages miss first load, Chrome shows an error, then retries and the page load. I tried a Zoom meeting, Zoom kept getting disconnected, tried a LogmeIn session, kept getting disconnected.
I tried to update to test version 156, which only the CLI command could download the pakfire once again, through the GUI, it was always the same error about not being verified. With version 156, same results, web page difficult to load, streams getting disconnected, etc.
How to find what is going on and fix it? In the logs, I did not find anything particular, like everything is working normally.

Hey @gta_doum, we have very little to go on, really. It’s too generic to give you any specific advice.

The “best” advice I can you you right now is make a clean install of the latest official version (update 155) and go from there.

I recently made a clean install of that version, so I can personally confirm, that it should work.

The next most likely culprit is some kind of basic setup error in your RED/GREEN networks, but having no specific information about it, I have no idea where to begin or finish.

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So I reinstalled with version 155, which fixed the update issue (pakfire complaint about the telnet package but installed it anyway, without having to intervene).
For the unstable connections, it is partially fixed. I found that the old router was still answering the internet assigned IP to IPFire, after rebooting both, web pages were loading better, but I am still experimenting first web page load timeouts, just not on every web page that I visit.
Another strange issue, since IPFire is my main router, Outlook 2016/365 does not download the pictures in the emails, Outlook 2013 do not seem affected, so even strangier…