Unifi AP bogon drops

My U6 lite AP running the latest bios 6.6.55 gets catched multiple times while trying to contact bogons

As I run the Unifi controller only locally such behaviour should not have occured at all.

Does any Ubiquiti user observe the same?

These are class E addresses.

not public addresses.

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Hello Sam,

I have a Unifi UAP-IW-HD AP and I am also on 6.6.55 as of last week.

Is the 192.168.xxx.xxx Source the U6 lite AP?

Are the Destinations like something related to your network? Or truly a BOGON?

For my network I did notice there are now 1000’s of unifi.localdomain requests. Many related to DNS lookups of unifi.localdomain. But I do not have a device with the hostname of unifi.localdomain. I believe it is a Unifi Controller but I don’t have one. I use the AP in stand-alone mode.

At the moment I believe my issues are related to the 6.6.55 and I will probably go back to 6.5.x where this did not happen.

Take a look at the UI Community. There are now 12 pages of issues & comments:

Sadly I turned off the BOGON item so mine is empty. I just turned it back on and we’ll see what happens!

Yes, 192.168.xxx.xxx is the U6 lite APs address. All destinations are Class E addresses as Pike stated.

No, I have not (based on what I’ve found so far)

The BOGON_FULL has been on for ~12 hours and there is no log entries for anything. This is a little odd since I usually see lots of entries from my wife’s work laptop. So I am still waiting . . .

I dug through the message logs for old BLKLST_BOGON messages specifically for my UAP and did not find anything.

Right now I’d recommend asking Ubiquiti if they have any recommendations.

Your issue (and mine) are both unusual.

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Since I have updated the Unifi Controller to version 8.0.26 the entries disappeared.

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excellent - glad to hear!