Unbound does not start when the firewall is restarted

After a few tries, I found the following. The “pidofproc” and “statusproc” functions are called with different parameters in the init script unbound.

When ipfire is restarting, the “pidofproc unbound” function call returns an ongoing process and ends the init script. If the “unbound restart” or “unbound start” command is executed while the firewall is running. The script works without problems!

If the function call “pidofproc unbound” is changed to “pidofproc /usr/sbin/unbound”, “unbound” starts correctly at booting.

I am not a programmer and cannot understand the problem exactly. Does anyone already know the problem?


case “$1” in
# Print a nicer messagen when unbound is already running
if pidofproc -s unbound; then
statusproc /usr/sbin/unbound
exit 0