Ubuntu updates slow/fail with IPS on

When I have Intrusion Prevention enabled my ubuntu updates go very slow or fail. Looking for insight as I have not been able to find anything that indicates someone with the same issue.

With IPS enable…

With IPS disabled…

I have experienced this on three different linux servers behind my firewall. 2 of them are Ubuntu and one is CentOS.

Any insight would be great!

Perhaps start here.
Check you do not have APT blocked by IPS
Emerging threat rules.

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I understand where the rules are, but I dont know where within the list of items APT would be. Ill search through the ones that are obvious and see if I can find it.

Found it…

For future reference.


Thank you for guiding me to it. Didn’t think of looking there.

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Did this fix your issue?
Is Centos also using APT ?

Cent uses yum, I haven’t tried the updates on that machine yet. I’ll have to try when I get a chance.

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