Two VLAN and one LAN on Green/Blue

Hello everybody,

i want to switch over from pfsense to ipfire but i have one problem. I want to have a LAN (green) and 2 wireless networks (VLAN 10 and 20, comes from unify access point) on blue. But i can only set one vlan for blue.

Is there any solution for setting up two vlans and one lan on the two interfaces green and blue?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

you can assign native, vlans or bridges comfortably within webUI.

Thanks for your answer, but you dont understand me. I need more than one VLAN assigned to one interface.

But i made through unify access point

Unifiy -> WIFI1 (no VLAN) // WIFI 2 (VLAN10) // WIFI3 (VLAN10) -> UNIFI Network1 (VLAN10) // UNIFI Network 2 (NoVLAN)

Connected Network 1 to green0 and Network 2 to blue0.
So what i have on the zones is now:

green0 (LAN, WIFI Network1 with one WIFI)
blue0 (WIFI1 VLAN 10 and WIFI2 VLAN 10)


btw. i loved ipfire in the past and i do so atm.

no more disconnects, lovely IPS beside pppoe (which does not work with OPNsense/Pfsense

Thank you developers for your hard work.