Two interesting J4125 SoC boards for home-made firewall appliances

ASRock J4125B-ITX


  • +Bigger heatsink than the Biostar board
  • +Cheaper


  • -No M.2 slots
  • -Needs S0-DIMM (laptop format), a bit more expensive, less models available
  • -No TPM header

Biostar J4125NHU


  • +Full-size DDR4 slots, better availability, better timings
  • +Supports 2x M-2 Slots (1x M-Key 2242/2260/2280 PCIe 2.0 x2 & 1x E-Key 2230 x1)


  • -Smaller heatsink, needs better case cooling
  • -The PCIe 2.0 slot is only x1
  • -Probable less durable than ASRock boards

Only 1 ethernet interface?

You have to add an PCIe extension card of course, e.g. this:

IMVHO… both “meh”. But anyway, somethin gotta give for a reduced price.

Edit: According with Microsoft…

J4125 is Windows 11 supported. Maybe it’s already TPM 2.0 compliant?

the extension card looks very interesting. Do you know if it works well with the Linux kernel?

At work I use the Supermicro version (AOC-SGP-i4) in an OPNsense appliance. So at least it works fine under BSD. :slightly_smiling_face:

The two port version is actually listed in the IPFire compatibility list.

According to the ASRock manual it supports Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT), a TPM running in the Intel Management Engine, so it should actually work without a TPM header.

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