Two GREEN Zones

Hello everybody
I want to have two Green zones and a Red zone. I do not need a DMz or port forwarding as my locally-hosted websites are accessible via a Wireguard tunnel. Because I don’t need to open any networks or ports for access to my docker swarm cluster, my networks are all closed to the internet, except for the Wireguard port opened with UFW. This works perfectly well in OPNsense with just three network interfaces - WAN, LAN and the one I’m hosting my websites on.

I don’t use VLANs at all and would love to keep it that way. I have three umanaged switches which work perfectly with my current setup and I don’t see the need to invest in a managed switch when I have enough physical switches. I have another three unmaged switches and dual ethernet cards i’m not using.

Can this be achieved in IPFire? Two Green networks without the DMZ? Or substitute the DMZ for another GREEN?

Thank you in advance


The blue zone can configured to act in the same manner than green by allowing the whole IP range in “blue access” and add a rule that allow the whole blue net to access the green net.