Trying to forward 2222 in red to ssh on a machine in green

I have a small hobby network going where I need to get ssh to on a machine in green. (not the ipfire itself, but a machine behind it)

My ipfire exists in the red world at I’d like to be able to ssh to on port 2222 and have it forward to

Having read the docs and a bunch of posts here, I feel like I’m doing the right thing, but it’s not working. I’m hoping you can look over my rule and tell me where it’s wrong (or if it looks ok and I can start poking at other things)

The rule:

I turned on logging and I’m seeing something that implies maybe it’s trying to forward?

I don’t know what else you might need to know…I’m on 2.25/Core 152. Green is the ethernet port. Red is a USB wifi adapter. I have some other simple rules that seem to work ok. (444 out to RED and some RSTP cameras for example). I don’t have any of the other colors :wink:

I’m able to ssh to from green.


Not sure
For source. I would try FW or RED
Protocol: Source port 2222 destination port 22

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The box I’m trying to ssh into is a Jetson Nano. I just turned off its wifi interface, and now I’m ssh’ing as expected. Something about having that on seems to be confusing things. That’s likely not an ipfire problem, so I’m off to find a new forum to pose confused questions to!