TrueRNG3 Cheap alternative

Good afternoon.

I have found some very cheap modules on Aliexpress that could be the cheap substitute for TrueRNG.

Aliexpress Page:


ATECC608A Data Sheet Summary (

What is your opinion?.

The price is very good.
It does appear it would be a complicated setup.
Someone with electronics and programming skills may be able to use it?
I wouldn’t be able to make it work though, my skills are just not that good.

In my case I went with the TrueRNG because of good documentation, very well tested on many projects. provides a udev script and instructions for linux.
There was documented use of it with IPFire, so I knew I could make it work.
The price for it was a bit high, but still cheaper then a modern CPU, mainboard and RAM.

I’m curious to what others think, maybe someone can make it work?

And for such an important application 4 EUR is all you want to spend?

Hello Michael.

Why spend 50USD being able to spend 4Euros ?. You will be with me that you prefer to spend 4 Euros for “supposedly” the same, right?

If we always chose the best (more expensive), we would not drink tap water and we would always drink “Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani”. Why do we drink tap water? In three words. IT’S CHEAPER.

This is similar.

Greetings and thanks for your point of view.