TrueRNG 3 setup was fairly simple

Hi everyone it was time for me to get some Entropy again, I was using a bcm43xx wireless card for this in the past, the entropy stopped working I would guess due to kernel support for it, it was pretty old so it was time to move on.

I picked up the TrueRNG3 USB device.

From the old forums I was reading topic
Posted by datamorgana and Arne.f in 2018

Great work guys I could not have done this without that posting as a starting point.
Anyhow the setup process I think is simpler now due to the newer kernel and in my case no previous custom udev rules for hwrng so I thought I would share.

I followed instructions for Ubuntu, just the Udev rules part and not rngd-tools or anything else.

This is from their instructions.

Ubuntu Linux Installation

  1. Download the udev rules (zip)


  1. Extract and place udev rules in udev/rules.d folder (this is /etc/udev/rules.d/ under ubuntu)

tar -zxvf TrueRNG-Linux-udev-rules.tar.gz -C /etc/udev/rules.d/

  1. Plug in TrueRNG USB Hardware RNG
  2. Verify /dev/TrueRNG device appears by typing

ls -l /dev/TrueRNG

From there I went back to datamorgana’s post and followed the
edit “/etc/init.d/rngd” file.

Quoted from datamogana,
Then I changed the “/etc/init.d/rngd” file in the “start” case section to read
loadproc /usr/sbin/rngd --quiet --rng-device=/dev/TrueRNG

I did change the case on truerng to TrueRNG is all.

I rebooted to make sure everything worked.
It did.

I am still a Linux novice but I hope this may help someone else,
Please comment if you see mistakes.

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