Troubles with port proxy from RED to GREEN

I am having issues with the a simple port 80 proxy to internal green server.

I attached image showing the rule, total rules which are very few, logs and the proof that the internal web server is healthy.

Followed the proxy guide.

If the picture is to poor in attachment.


you do not need that firewall rule and certainly not a NAT rule.

If you remove it, it should just work.

Thanks for the reply, i gave up since i did 1 day debugging with this and tried what you said too. In the end I cleared all iptable rules that came with ipfire…and added 1 forward rule and 1 masquerade one to get it to work.

@linken I followed the wiki page; worked on my test ipfire. The only difference I see in your screenshot is the Protocol should be set to TCP and Dest port to 80 where in your screenshot you have Protocol preset. That might be the issue.

Thanks, I already tried that, no go, believe me I sat 24H fiddling.

That’s the way to do it. Proxy is for incomming trafic.