Translation "ipblocklist" and "Mail service" to Spanish

Good morning to all.

I don’t know how to get this translation to you and I take the liberty of creating a thread to attach it. Please, tell me some developer how to send it correctly.

It is the translation to the module “ipblocklist”

'ipblocklist' => 'Listas de bloqueo de direcciones IP',
'ipblocklist blocklist settings' => 'Configuración de la lista de bloqueo',
'ipblocklist category' => 'Categoría',
'ipblocklist category application' => 'Aplicación',
'ipblocklist category attacker' => 'Atacante',
'ipblocklist category c and c' => 'Malware C&C',
'ipblocklist category composite' => 'Compuesto',
'ipblocklist category invalid' => 'Dirección inválida',
'ipblocklist category reputation' => 'Reputación',
'ipblocklist category scanner' => 'Escáner',
'ipblocklist could not download blocklist' => 'No se pudo descargar la lista de bloqueo',
'ipblocklist download error' => 'Ocurrió un error de descarga.',
'ipblocklist empty blocklist received' => 'Se ha recibido una lista de bloqueo vacía.',
'ipblocklist enable' => 'Habilitado',
'ipblocklist hits' => 'Número total de visitas a la lista de bloqueo para',
'ipblocklist id' => 'Lista de bloqueos',
'ipblocklist input' => 'Paquetes descartados (Entrantes)',
'ipblocklist log' => 'Registrar paquetes descartados',
'ipblocklist log list' => 'Registro de firewall (lista de bloqueo)',
'ipblocklist logs' => 'Registros de listas de bloqueo de direcciones IP',
'ipblocklist name' => 'Nombre',
'ipblocklist output' => 'Paquetes descartados (Salientes)',
'ipblocklist use ipblocklists' => 'Habilitar listas de bloqueo de IP',


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Also the “Mail Service”

'email config' => 'Configuración',
'email empty field' => 'Campo vacío',
'email error' => 'ERROR: No se pudo enviar el correo de prueba',
'email invalid' => 'Campo inválido',
'email invalid mailfqdn' => 'Servidor Fqdn de correo no válido',
'email invalid mailip' => 'Dirección IP del servidor de correo no válida',
'email invalid mailport' => 'Puerto de servidor de correo no válido',
'email mailaddr' => 'Dirección del servidor de correo',
'email mailpass' => 'Contraseña',
'email mailport' => 'Puerto del servidor de correo',
'email mailrcpt' => 'Destinatario de correo',
'email mailsender' => 'Remitente de correo',
'email mailuser' => 'Nombre de Usuario',
'email recipient invalid' => 'Destinatario de correo electrónico no válido',
'email server can not be empty' => 'El servidor de correo electrónico no puede estar vacío',
'email settings' => 'Servicio de correo',
'email subject' => 'Correo de prueba de IPFire',
'email success' => 'Mensaje de prueba enviado con éxito',
'email testmail' => 'Enviar correo de prueba',
'email text' => 'Prueba de correo del servicio de correo de IPFire',
'email tls' => 'Modo TLS',
'email tls explicit' => 'explícito (STARTTLS)',
'email tls implicit' => 'implícito (TLS)',
'email usemail' => 'Activar servicio de correo',
'email server can not be empty' => 'El servidor de e-mail no puede estar vacío',
'emailreportlevel' => 'Nível de reporte de email',

Thanks again.

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Hi Roberto,

The simplest way is to send it to the dev mailing list. You do have to join the list to send.

I will pick this up and do a patch when i am able to get some time but if you send it to the list then all the devs will get it and any of the dev mailing list users can then create the patch.

Thanks very much for your help with this, it is very much appreciated :+1:


Hi Adolf.

Supposedly I have signed up for the list that you tell me to send things, but when I try to send the complete file “” fully translated, I get:

Your message has been rejected, probably because you are not subscribed to the mailing list and the list’s policy is to prohibit non-members from posting to it. If you think that your messages are being rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at


That message suggests it doesn’t recognise your email address. Try contacting the mail list owner address it gave you. They can then check in their list to see if that email address is there or not.
Alternatively, I will pick up your lang file updates.

Hi again Adolf.

I have received this email:

But when I do something with it, I get the following:

If I hit re-enter, I get the same error.

But I can enter this page without problems.

The mailbox “” is mine and is the same as my IPFire profile.

Supposedly I’m getting emails from development.

Greetings and sorry for the inconvenience. :pray: (47,1 KB)

Hi Roberto,

I forwarded your problem to the ipfire dev mailing list.
Michael has replied. Apparently you are properly registered in the mailing list.
Let me know if you get the mail and if yes, how the reply goes. If it gets blocked again i can let Michael know.

Thanks Adolf.

I already sent it and it seems to work.

Thanks for everything.