Traffic very slow for incoming/outgoing connections

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We have a general networking issue on our network. We use IPFire core 119 as a router/firewall to connect to our provider OVH. All our computers are hosted by OVH. We are experiencing since Monday morning a very slow traffic preventing good connections (or just connecting) to our servers which are behind the firewall : RDP connections or just http/https connections are failing, or are very slow.
We had a disk full error on IPFire and on the sda4 partition, where are stored the logs, so I cleared some files and restarted the router, but it did nothing good. I have restored the VM running the IPFire at a previous state and everything seamed to work find again yesterday but this morning the issues are back. I don’t see the cause of this and how to repair the IPFire if it the cause, but it seams to be. OVH made some connection tests between us and them and for them, this is running fine.

On the IPFire interface, I can’t see any error and I don’t know where to check. The settings have not been modified in the previous days.
Any help to debug this would be welcome as our users are not able to connect anymore from the outside.
Many thanks.

what about a disk failure?

I don’t think so. The smart status when booting the server indicates that the disk is fine. However, i have, since, restored an old backup to a new VM. This should avoid any disk problem.
But thanks.

Could I use the Quality of Service option to limit the traffic and how ?

Maybe your partition is full. 119 probably has the old partition scheme which does not allocate enough space. I would make a backup using IPFire backup system, install the last release and do a restore. Or if you know how, enlarge the partitions of your VM.

The filesystem does not look full. See below :

Filesystem     1K-blocks   Used Available Use% Mounted on
devtmpfs          245356      4    245352   1% /dev
tmpfs             250860      0    250860   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs             250860    452    250408   1% /run
/dev/sda3         999320 740024    190484  80% /
/dev/sda1          60400  19068     36748  35% /boot
/dev/sda4         820148  75268    686000  10% /var
/var/lock           8192     12      8180   1% /var/lock

sda4 was full previously. I cleaned it up. But, since then, I restored a previous backup of the VM where the disk was not full again. Now, it is about 10% always.

With the Packfire system, from the GUI, I can update from core 119 to core 121. Is this the last version or there is a more recent one I can install ?


The root partition is 80% full. Maybe some more knowledgeable user or someone of the IPFire core developers can tell you if this could be the problem. I tend to believe it is. About the update, we are presently at core 147. Your IPFire looks like a very old release. Maybe you can backup the settings, install from scratch the last release on a new VM, restore the settings, start using the new VM and see how it behaves.

Its not the latest version but the latest which can installed in one pakfire session. After update to 121 you can search for updates again and install the next bunch.
But you have a very old installation so i fear “/” is to small after some updates.
You should boot a live system with gparted and enlarge “/”

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Hi all,

I have backuped our IPFire, installed a new virtual machine with more harddisk space (10 Gb) and RAM (750 Mb). It was not possible to resize the existing partitions due to the previous partition structure. Then I have restored the backup. It took a long time to restore but worked. Now, the system was working fine this morning but failed again this afternoon. We are investigating but we don’t think the cause is coming from the IPFire finally. But this was perhaps a part of the problem we have.

Thanks to all.

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