Traffic Counters


does the net-traffic in menu status, for the red interface, also include the traffic from the blue and orange networks?

Or do I’ve to add all of them to get the total traffic that my provider sees from my side?

Next question: is the traffic I get for the green network the traffic in local LAN or from and to all devices in green? If in both directions, will this counter also be (partly) included in the red traffic counter?


I think you’re looking on it too difficult, but it’s that easy. The traffic counted on every interface is exactly the traffic that goes through it. So RED is always outside your network / internet the ISP sees at its side. You needn’t add anthing on any interface.

For example:

Copy 2GB vom BLUE to GREEN:
GREEN Input +2GB; BLUE Output +2GB that’s it.

If you download from the internet via BLUE clients 1GB + via GREEN clients 2GB + via ORANGE clients 10GB:
RED input = BLUE input + GREEn input + ORANGE input == 13GB.

It’s all calculated automatically for any scenario by ipfire.

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