Traffic being dropped on blue and I am not sure why

Good Morning all (or afternoon or evening or even night :smile:),

I just came back to ipfire after messing with opnsense and pfsense for a year and running into performance issues on my hardware. A lot is the same, but it looks like a lot has changed too, mostly for the better it appears :slight_smile: .

I have been having an issue with the blue interface, I have it connected to a dumb switch and a wireless router to connect to my ancient samsung smart TV, roomba, and such.

I don’t think the last time I used ipfire the blue network used mac filtering, so I read up on it on the wiki. I have applied static dhcp leases to the devices I expect to see on the blue network, but the traffic is being blocked by the firewall. When I look at the firewall logs, I see the following entries for one of my hosts:

Is there something else I need to configure to get these firewall rules to stop matching against my clients?


Did you end up adding the mac addresses for each of your clients on the blue network or did you define the network subnet and mask, leaving the mac address section blank.

Do the dhcp leases get shown on the blue access page or not?


Ah that’s what I was missing, I was giving them static leases on the DHCP Server page but I wasn’t also being sure to add them on the Blue Access page. Boneheaded move by me for sure. Thank you!

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