"topology subnet" in server.conf not permanent?

I have added (in /var/ipfire/ovpn/server.conf) the option “topology subnet”, which runs well after restarting the openvpn-server. But: everytime when I add or delete a vpn client (RoadWarrior) in the Webinterface, this and other changes in server.conf is lost. How to make it permanent?
(imho the “topology net30” is still default in OpenVPN 2.5 (core 154), isn´t it?)

Thank for helping hints…

There is /var/ipfire/ovpn/scripts/server.conf.local Add the topology option there. The code in /srv/web/ipfire/cgi-bin/ovpnmain.cgi will include server.conf.local and client.conf.local (see line 122)

Hey Paul, thanks. I tried it but after stopping/starting the OpenVPN-Server and reconnecting, I see again “topology net30” in my log…seems to have no impact…?
(a restart of the OpenVPN-Server in the webinterface should be okay - or do I have to restart the complete IPFire?)

I’m not sure since the files are present even without setting the option…But

Additional configuration - Delivers the possibility to extend the server but also the client configuration with individual directives. If you activate it by setting the hook, two more configuration files named server.conf.local and client.conf.local, which are located under the path /var/ipfire/ovpn/scripts will be read out and written under the original server.conf and/or the respective client.ovpn.

Great…using the IPfire for years…why should I read the f…ine docs again? :wink:
Thanks, this will be the solution and I will test this evening…

Maybe a further question now appears: when switching from topology “net30” to “subnet”, it is necessary to change the (automatic generated before) content of CCD-Files for clients in static subnets (other than those in the dynamic adress pool).
Otherwise the client cannot connect with this message:
“ERROR: --ip-win32 dynamic [offset] : offset is outside of --ifconfig subnet”
(reason: interpretion change from local/remote to adress/submask by ifconfig)

So I´m now thinking about the default behavior of IPFire when “topology subnet” is set: will the automatic generated CCD-files for Clients in static subnets be generated correctly or do I have generally to adapt them? Maybe this depends on the topology-State before creating the first static adress pool?
(first thought, that would be the reason, why my server.conf always will be resetted when I changed anything to Road Warriors in exiting setup - quasi protective function, cause existing CCD-config won´t run any more with subnet topology?)