Top on command line - restore to old view - how?


how can I switch to the old view of top, the new one is totally confusing and a horror
thank you for any hints,


Hi @the-master-of-desast

top is one of the utility programs in procps.

The previous version of procps (3.2.8) had not been updated for 9 years and was no longer being maintained.

A fork had been made into procps-ng and has been maintained regularly. This was installed in Core Update 154 as procps-3.3.16 and the version of top that you now see came with that. This is also the version of top that you will see in most distributions. Debian Buster is using 3.3.15 and Ubuntu Focal and other more recent versions are using 3.3.16

If you don’t like the way that top looks have you tried htop. It is available as an addon in IPFire and is kept well updated.


Patrick, start top and press z --the colors will be black/white. Press W to save that config (it will save in /root/.config/procps/toprc) . From now on, whenever you run top, it will be black/white, not red. There are many other options how to show memory etc. When you setup as you like, W to save that config.

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The man page for the new top is here

Hello Paul,

thank you, i see memory alway 0000 ist was EiB and not KiB :wink: Color black/white is changed, have a nice day,


hello thanks, this is nice and everything i need, regards

capital E will cycle thru memory units (KiB, MiB, GiB, …)

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