Too liberal an Incoming Firewall Rule?

Continuing the discussion from Web Proxy does not start:

I am continually playing with combinations. From Firewall Options Forward/Outgoing are Blocked. And Firewall Rules Incoming only allows TCP any/any HTTPS. Is that too liberal an Incoming Firewall Rule?

You do not need open incoming ports

Following that reasoning, the Firewall InComing and OutGoing are Blocked and Blank/Empty. The Firewall functions. The Firewall Rules direct TCP to the Proxy Ports 800 and 3128. And DHCP UDP Source 68 and Destinatikon 67. But what is the DHCP Server under Network reporting:

the Fixed ip 192,168.5.3
is in your dynamic ip range

my fixed ip addresses would be 1-99


Of course. I didn’t think that. I saw Red and said Bad. Why then is the Proxy Report only showing Errors?

Your Proxy Report shows all your requests ( from ? ) are denied.
Have allowed internet ( web ) access for this device?
BTW: As mentioned many times in community threads ( and in the wiki also ) you should separate your subnets in green.

I thought the Firewall Rules acknowledging Proxy Ports did just that. These are the Firewall Rules:

These are just the firewall rules. The proxy has its own rules/access lists.

Can not find any specific short coming with the Proxy Rules:

I’m pretty sure these are your proxy ports.
they are found here.

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Opened 80. Can not image why the other ports should receive input. Only OSCP missives are recorded: