TiVo Recordings not Working

Moved from IPCop to IPFire. My TiVo Bolt was working fine with squid and IPCop, but it doesn’t like IPFire. The box will connect to the TiVo service on the Green network, but some (not all) of the recorded programs are being blocked by squid. When a recorded program is played, IPFire and squid try to connect to cloudfront but come back saying they get a zero sized reply. All other networked devices work. I’ve tried adding (all at once and individually) an IP exception to the proxy server, to the Guardian service, and to the URL Filter with no luck. I don’t see any options in the TiVo box to configure a proxy. The recordings only start working when I turn the proxy off for the Green network and reboot the TiVo box. Can someone help me configure the server properly or just allow the TiVo to bypass it altogether?

I upgraded to core 139, gave the TiVo unrestricted IP access through the proxy, and the recordings are working again.

My Tivo recording playback problem has returned. I can’t seem to figure out why. It must have happened with an automatic Tivo update because I haven’t touched the firewall since upgrading to 139 and it hasn’t been restarted in 21 days. The recordings that were started to be viewed before the problem started play just fine, but the ones that haven’t been viewed get a Zero Sized Reply. I don’t know why the Tivo box needs to connect to cloudfront.net, but that’s the domain that can’t be retrieved and generates the error. I’ve cleared the proxy’s cache, added the Tivo’s IP and MAC as unrestricted addresses, and also made an exception for the tivo domain even though that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I don’t want to except out cloudfront. Turning off the proxy is the only workaround. Does anyone have advice for me?