Theme for ipfire


I just want to know if there is any active theme that based on bootstrap for the ipfire?


second this… it does not need to be bootstrap, any other light and secure html/js framework is welcome… but frankly… the UI is kinda… well lets say… matured…

No, not as far as I know.

Do you have any ideas, how the WUI should look like?
You are invited to present them at the developper channels ( mailing list, … ).

I do not say “Never change a running system!”, it is just a question of investigation of work, which should result in a ( little ) gain of functionality.

Well there are several good points for a complete rewamp of UI:

  1. I see jquery 1.10.2.min dated to 2013, shall I search for all CVEs?
  2. some Helper JS stuff is even older (I see ShowHideHTML JS function which is asking IE45 and Netscape NS6 and NS4 (!) before accessing DOM this is what I’be meant with “mature”
  3. Frankly I do not see a red line or kind of UI Concept at all even if there are some themes in /themes subfolder tough a lot of CSS styles are written inline within your html/perl outputs. There is even a COLORS.TXT definiton file for 25 colors for Inline Perl outputs. So we really have here a mixed bag with plenty of locations to touch.

So the UI really needs a lot of love. And for sure it would break everything cause my first task would be to seperate content from design.

And here we are, this would take a lot of time I do not have, and I am totally aware, does not have either. So if it just would be a new theme, then I would contribute it and everybody could download it from my gitea repo but it wouldn’t fix the basic problem.

To fix the problem, the solution would break pretty much and it would be impossible to do it as side-project. This would be a full-time job and it would harm my other projects and customers even if would hire me :wink:

Maybe says the price how much it would need of donations to overhaul the UI?
Then we all could try to reach this target . We have had this once before with wlan portal sites, haven’t we?


You are of course free to submit any patches.

We have no interest in refactoring that web UI because it is practically unmaintainable.

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Searching I found this interesting thread. I contribute my grain of sand. In his day, in the old forum, someone tried to do something about it and I put what I have here. I don’t remember who they are, but if someone wants to use it, it’s free:

houseofdreams (35,9 KB)

sb-admin-2 (630,3 KB)

All you have to do is copy the unzipped folder to /srv/web/ipfire/html/themes/ and select it from the GUI. The work is already half done. You just have to keep them a little bit (I have no idea about it).


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Does anyone know how to enlarge the graphics?.



That looks very strange. The normal way to make things larger or smaller is Ctrl + or - but that makes the whole box larger or smaller. Your graphics are smaller on the IPFire page.

Mine look like this

but I have not had to do anything special to make them do that.

Also the same on the IPFire’s that I run as VM’s for testing and debugging purposes.

Are those the only graphs looking like that or is it the same for the graphs on Network (Internal) (External) and (Other) or Media or Memory etc. ie is it a generic problem or just for some pages.

Hey, that’s it!!!

You have to put the following at the end of the style.css in “houseofdreams”:

table.fw-nat tbody tr td {
	height: 2.25em;

iframe.graph {
	width: 100%;
	min-height: 300px;

And that’s it … that’s it … that’s it, folks.


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Hi @roberto

thanks for share !