The logon to Web UI and Password Managers

I am not sure I post this in the right category, but I would like to rise a concern about the logon method.
As it is, it will not work using a password Manager in to the Web UI because the credentials window is a popup.


In any case it does not work with LastPass. It may perhaps work with other Password managers, feel free to enlighten me, the point being using a Password Manager is a method to be able to have really strong passwords and I have used that method for many years with excellent result.

Actually my main issue with many sites is that they do not accept my level of complexity…:stuck_out_tongue:

To me, this is a security concern, since anything preventing you from using a strong password and storing it securely, is, by extension, a security issue.

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Didn’t read a question, couldn’t find a questionmark. So what’s the point?

Can anyone use any password manager to log on to the Web UI?

@xperimental Happy now? Not everything needs to be a question. With time and experience you may eventually learn that.

It works for me using KeepassXC with SeaMonkey and Firefox.


It works for me using Roboform with Edge, Chrome and Firefox.


Thanks… I will look in to if there is anything I can do to make it work with my pwd manager…