The image xxxxxx cannot be displayed because it contains errors

I just installed my box to core 142 and restored my configuration.
(Updating was a many times over failure, ipfire could not update from an older partition scheme to a newer one. pakfire-error-returncode-2 )

IPFire version: IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - core142
Pakfire version: 2.25-x86_64
Kernel version: Linux ipfire2.localhost 4.14.173-ipfire #1 SMP Thu Mar 12 12:07:28 GMT 2020 x86_64 Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

Problem - Not show stopping but in the web interface when you select ‘Status -> System’ which is calling system.cgi, the second graph area says - ’ The image “ ” cannot be displayed because it contains errors’
this applies to all graphs on the web interface, they all show the same/similar error.

To correct this: What needs to be reset? deleted? tweaked? etc?

Did you re-install on the same hardware as used for previous core ?

Yes, same hardware was used.

Okay, so I turned on the old monitor that is attached to my IPFIRE and watched the startup. I get this error:

“ERROR: This RRD was created on another architecture”

Is this referring to the backup (on core 13x) that I did before loading IPFIRE core 142 and restoring the backup configuration/data? or something else?
I want to keep my settings, I would like my old data. In order to get the graphs working again, I can lose the old data. I would like to keep my old settings, and not do a new load of core 142 with no settings restored. Can anybody help with this? Any ideas for me to try?

This is covered at:

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Good call :

The first part of the link talks of an architecture change, as in HARDWARE.
Does not apply, same hardware machine was used in my case. Now if it was software architecture, then IPFIRE changed from core (???) with small partitions to large ones sometime in the past, among who knows what else.

The second part “RRD-Graphs are wrong” about deleting the RRD files was followed and reboot IPFIRE and now I have graphs, but no history.

Thanks to Rodney Peters for that find.

Note: If I knew about the RRD tools to do backups to XML and restore from XML, that would have been better. i.e. Migrating the RRD database found here: ** Remember, my system was the exact same hardware before and after. As it stands the standard IPFIRE backup works for the configuration settings restoration, but not the RRD data files. Maybe Migration of RRD database needs to be part of backup/restore. Oh, well, my system is running.

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